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Weekly Scout meetings :

Monday nights

7:00pm - 9:00pm

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Please see our Scout behaviour policy.

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1st Burwell Scout Troop meet on Monday nights, between 7:00pm and 9:00pm.

For boys and girls aged 10½ - 14 years. Scouts offers a wide range of activities, tasks and adventure for young people.

Our aim is to try to put together a programme of activities and events, that is both challenging and fun. To teach the Scouts skills that will become useful throughout their lives.

By far the best way to see what we are about, is to join us ...


Some of the scouting activities we do are:

Knots & Lashing

Devils Dyke Night Hike

Wiken Fen Hike


Cycle Rides

Wide Games

Open Fire Cooking


See the Past Activities buttons for more information on our past adventures.

Winter Camp 2017

1st Burwell Scout Group

Oliy Hall Wild Campsite, Wicken Fen

Back again by very popular demand Scouts camped for a weekend in February in the log cabins at Oily Hall Wild Campsite, part of National Trust's Wicken Fen.

Cooking on the open fire, preparing all meals from scratch. Baking Lemonade Scones to go with Fruit Compote all done in a Dutch Oven. This is back to basics scouting.

A hike on Saturday morning and an afternoon of wide games and some free time.

1st Burwell Scout Group 1st Burwell Scout Group

1st Burwell Scout Group

1st Burwell Scout Group

Lemonade Scones

3 cups Self Raising Flour

1 cup Double Cream

1 cup Lemonade

15 mins at 220c

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. But try not to mix too much, you want to keep them as light and fluffy as possible.

Place in a pre-heated Dutch Oven, with coals on the lid and underneath. Try to resist checking on them during cooking.

1st Burwell Scout Group

Evening with Newmarket ATC



Scouts spent the evening with Newmarket ATC, who took them through basic drill, survival techniques, equipment checks and much more.

Even the Leaders could not resist a bit of Camo Paint.

Burwell Scouts

Burwell Scouts

Burwell Scouts

Bike Ride


After an evening of cycle maintenance .... the bike ride.

Burwell Scouts

The Great Egg Race

Burwell Scouts

The challenge : To get four Eggs, across the Scout Hall. All at once, unaided. Using only cardboard, tape and some glue. Oh and our four Egg friends.

Scouts "Challenge Accepted !"

Burwell Scouts

Burwell Scouts

Burwell Scouts